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  1. Find A Great Article To Share

    It's no secret that content creation can be time consuming and expensive. Often as marketers we just share other peoples content to get social engagement for our brand.

  2. Created Your VASTCLICKS Account

    VASTCLICKS has made it quick and easy. Simply setup your business brand, pop in your retargeting pixels and create your first custom overlay CTA.

  3. Generate Visitors You Were Previously Missing

    Using the article you have selected, you then create your first VASTCLICKS link and add your custom CTA. Then simply share and/or boost your VASTCLICKS link on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You could also share via WhatsApp, SMS, Email or on a blog post comment.

Most marketers curate content or work with copywriters to supplement their own efforts. Use VASTCLICKS to optimize and make the most of your valuable content to drive conversions.

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Expore Our Most Used Features

Call To Actions

Create an irresistible overlay that encourage visitors to click through to your website or target desination.


Add your tracking pixels to build up your retargeting pot, everytime someone visits the article you shared.


Monitor your impressions, clicks and conversions to see which links provide the best conversions for your brands.

A/B Split Testing

Test your CTAs against each other to identify which headline, offer, color or other variation returns the best results.

Messenger Subscribers

Grow your Messenger audience and subscriber base through Facebook post engagment or comments on your page.

Messenger Broadcasts

Communicate with your subscribers, deliver value and create new sales opportunities your business.

Start Generating More Traffic Today

Do You Share Other People's Content To Attract Customers

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could share this content via branded links, that have custom calls-to-actions, fired your retargeting pixels? Plus it was all tracked through smart analytics when the content was read?

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