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VASTCLICKS is a URL shortener, link management and messenger platform that allows you to take advantage of that breaking news story, how-to article or popular review post that you want to share with your target audience.

Branded Call-To-Actions

Create an irresistible overlay that encourages visitors to click through to your website or target destination.

Retargeting & Tracking

Add your tracking pixels to build up your retargeting pot, every time someone visits the article you shared.

Smart Analytics

Monitor your impressions and clicks to see which links provide the best conversions for your brands.

A/B Split Testing

Test your CTAs against each other to identify which headline, offer, color or other variation returns the best results.

Custom Domains

Customize your links by adding your own domain per brand.
Default Link: vstclk.co/8eGg.

Google Chrome Plugin

Quickly and easily create an Overlay or Magnet link from the web page you are on as you are browsing the web.

Why We Build It

I was that guy launching campaigns in various markets, trying to build websites, craft copy, write blog posts, interact on social media, and all while running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google etc, etc but I knew there had to be a better way...

Share More Links And Drive More Conversions

Share our VASTCLICKS overlay links to drive more traffic back to your landing page or preferred destination URL.

Choose between the default VASTCLICKS branded links vstclk.co/8eGg
Or you can add a custom domain and create your own branded links to share.

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Track, Retarget And Schedule Your Links

VASTCLICKS connects to the ad platforms and social tools you are already use.

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Nicholas Kusmich

“There are only a handful of products that I recommend, that are core to my process in running my business. It’s a key tool that we use every day and if you’re selling anything online, it’s one that you have got to be using too.”

Leading FB Ads Strategist, Author & Founder of NicholasKusmich.com

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